Beijing Auto Show 2024 Developments

The Car Men Beijing Auto Show Design Report 2024 is available

Beijing Auto Show Atmosphere… 2024

  • Boosted Chinese self-consciousness
  • Empowered design awareness of Chinese customers
  • Ongoing trend development like Shanghai 2023
  • Restrained German showcase
  • Mature and fresh design statements from China
  • Successful start of the “New Player” Xiaomi
  • Increasing national product purchase behaviour
  • Increasing Chinese nationality awareness
  • Growing Chinese CMF Design focus

Geneva Auto Show 2024 Developments

The Car Men Geneva Auto Show Design Report 2024 is available

Geneva Auto Show Atmosphere… 2024

The “Load Index” of the Geneva Show, which means the number of exhibitors was around 20%,
compared with earlier Geneva Shows = this could be the last relevant Geneva event.

Bold European B-segment EV statement from Renault.

A bit less WOW impression from Chinese brands, compared with Paris and Munich show engagement.

Spacious redefinition of the Sports Utility Vehicle idea from Lucid with a modern luxury touch.

Unexpected and interesting seating and storage options.

CES Las Vegas 2024 Developments

The Car Men CES Las Vegas Design Report 2024 is available

CES Las Vegas Atmosphere… 2024

Bold statements of Korean power in technology and design.
Less cars and concepts on the Las Vegas electronic show.
Almost no Chinese car brands on the show.

AI everywhere as the new way to create customer’s benefit, experiences, new status features and a deep connection.
OEM cooperations with Tech-10 brands (Google, Amazon, etc.).

Increasing design interpretation of recycling from car and non-car brands.
Futher examples towards  rational, technical, calm interior interpretations with an increasing trend of visible recycling materials and surfaces.

Munich IAA 2023 Developments

The Car Men Munich IAA Design Report 2023 is available

Munich IAA Atmosphere… 2023

It was not a surprise to spot the dominating Chinese manufacturers in Munich.

Paris 2022 and Shanghai 2023 had revealed already the Chinese momentum.
It was impressive what level of design execution, material treatment and CMF atmosphere was shown with most of their showcased vehicles.

A distinct level of up-to-date Chinese design was chosen to impress the German audience.
Mission accomplished – success will follow.

Shanghai Auto Show 2023 Developments

The Car Men Shanghai Auto Show Design Report 2023 is available

Shanghai Auto Show Atmosphere… 2023

There is a new benchmark for the worldwide automotive community in case of, young generation design fit,
time to market, new technology leadership, visible high tech statement, Asian empowerment, new brand creation, … just to name a few.

Chinese market power is clearly visible in quality, quantity and design. Chinese Young Premium on its way to maturity.

Thanks to Corona, there was an extra year of time for reshaping design and future strategies, clearly visible.

We had never seen an eye-opening show like this time in Shanghai, with less quirky concepts, instead of this,
more mature future design interpretations in concepts and production vehicle from China.

CES Las Vegas 2023 Developments

The Car Men CES Las Vegas Design Report 2023 is available

CES Las Vegas 2023 Atmosphere

The quest for 100 % User Experience is going on.

A car should be the companion of the User (not of the driver).

The sleek and clean design from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Sony, Polestar, Lightyear
is expressing an understated and efficiency orientated level of sophistication.

Devices and vehicle, which connect the USER fully with the digital environment,
are the key products of the CES 2023.


…. and CARS

Paris Auto Show 2022 Developments

The Car Men Paris Auto Show Design Report 2022 is available

Paris Auto Show 2022 Atmosphere

Just a few established automotive brands were seen on the show in Paris,
newcomer brands stepped into the breach.

The powerful Chinese EV brands could benefit from the absence of
European, Korean and Japanese competitors.

Asian (China / Vietnam) car manufacturer are on the radar with
increasing customer attention and positive feedback.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology as an increasing EV solution.

French brands have designed their concept vehicles with a new priority,
influenced from recycling and circularity.

Mid-Summer 2022 Developments

The Car Men Mid-Summer Design Report 2022 is available

Mid-Summer 2022

Beijing Auto Show was postponed with no definitive schedule – like two
years ago to October ?

So, we have created a Mid-Summer Design Report with the following topics:

Search for EV SIGNATURE ingredients: a change of focus zones, new front
end functionality, more attractive rear ends, more decorated illuminated
body side + roof

Increasing Chinese design taste dominance

Young Premium development in China, Europe and USA

CES Las Vegas Design Report 2022

The Car Men Design Report for CES Las Vegas 2022 is available

CES  Atmosphere…  2022

A careful start into the world of CES while pandemic normality as a mix of real and digital show acts.
The automotive community is heading towards unlimited mobility with a new extended playground called Metaverse to provide 100 % User Experience.


Munich IAA Design Report 2021

The Car Men Design Report for the Munich IAA 2021 is available

Munich IAA Atmosphere…  2021

A small but important show, which is reflecting the consequences of the automotive disruption decade.

More design diversity, more expressive design, interior upgrades,  sophisticated exterior / interior deco, ultra compact urban vehicles,
increasingly different vehicle types